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anchorGrabber.aip is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator 2022 (mac).

You can move anchors close to the position where you started dragging together.

This plug-in uses Dear ImGui ( for the settings dialog.

How To Use

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Items in the Settings Window

Double-click the tool icon to display the “pixel distance settings” dialog.

  • to grab anchors : Anchors within the set number of pixels (*) distance centered on the tip of the pointer will be the target of movement. (*: Number of pixels on the screen)
  • to ignore move : Movements less than the set number of pixels are ignored. (To prevent movement due to careless clicks.) You can move within the set distance by moving it beyond the set distance and then returning it.

Working Environment

Adobe Illustrator 2022 (macOS (Apple Silicon))

Development Environment

Adobe Illustrator 2022 SDK
Xcode 12.5.1 / macOS 11.3 sdk / MacOS Big Sur
MacBook Air (M1)



Open myImGuiDialog_mac/myImGuiDialog.xcodeproj and build libmyImGuiDialog.a first.
Then open anchorGrabber.xcodeproj and build anchorGrabber.aip

Note For Build

  • Place “anchorGrabber_aip” folder directly under Illustrator SDK’s samplecode folder.


(After build)
Place anchorGrabber.aip in the Adobe Illustrator plugin folder or additional plugin folder.

The next time you run Illustrator, the plug-in will be loaded and the icon for this plug-in will be added to the “Add-ons” category at the bottom of the “All Tools” drawer in the toolbox. You can use it by dragging the icon to the toolbox and placing it.


MIT License
Copyright (c) 2022 Hiroyuki Sato
See LICENSE.txt for details.

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