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What is vkroots?

vkroots is a framework for writing Vulkan layers that takes all the complexity/hastle away from you! It’s so simple!


vkroots is incredibly easy to integrate into your project, it’s a single #include, and even supports defining multiple layers in a single shared library with VKROOTS_NEGOTIATION_INTERFACE.

All you do is just implement the functions you want, and they are automagically hooked using C++20 concepts magic! Just watch:

#include "vkroots.h"

#include <cstdio>

namespace MyLayer {

  class VkDeviceOverrides {
    static VkResult CreateImage(
      const vkroots::VkDeviceDispatch* pDispatch,
            VkDevice                   device,
      const VkImageCreateInfo*         pCreateInfo,
      const VkAllocationCallbacks*     pAllocator,
            VkImage*                   pImage) {
      printf("The app has made an image, I bet it's going to be frogtastically beautiful!\n");
      return pDispatch->CreateImage(device, pCreateInfo, pAllocator, pImage);



How do I pull this into my project?

You can either add this repo as a git submodule, copy the header from this repo directly, or generate it yourself with gen/make_vkroots.

The vkroots header can be generated from any Vulkan Registry XML (even for unreleased/non-standard extensions). This was used, for example, in the sample VK_FOOL_printed_surface implementation using CUPS.


There are no dependencies other a C++20-capable compiler.

If you wish to generate the vkroots.h header from a Vulkan Registry XML, you will need Python 3.


If you find any issues with the project or have any feature requests, please feel free to make an issue or a pull request.

Projects using vkroots


The python generator scripts: gen/make_vkroots, gen/vulkan_helpers.py, are licensed under LGPL v2.1 as they take a bunch of code from WineVulkan, see the header of make_vkroots and vulkan_helpers.py for more verbose license info.

Everything else, vkroots.h header, other intermediate headers (inc), and samples are licensed under Apache-2.0 OR MIT to be compatible with the Vulkan Registry XML.

See the top of associated files for more information.

Happy Layering! 🐸✨


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