Path Traking for Homotopy Continuation in GPU for Benchmark Polynomial Problems

1. Dependencies:

(1) CMake 3.14 or higher

(2) MAGMA 2.6.1 or higher

(3) CUDA 9.0 or higher

(4) cuBlas

(5) openBlas

(6) pthread

2. How to build and compile the code

(1) clone the repo

git clone

(2) under the repo folder, create a ‘build’ directory

mkdir build

(3) enter the build folder

cd build

(4) make sure to change routes in CMakeFiles according to your local machine. See of either straight-line or parameter HC.

(5) create a make file

cmake ..

(5) compile the entire code

make -j

3. How to run the execution file after successful compilation

(1) enter the bin foler under build folder

cd bin

(2) run the code by specifically typing input arguments. See of either straight-line or parameter HC

./magmaHC-main <input-argument> <command>

4. Reference

This code is made by the work proposed in the following paper:

Chiang-Heng Chien, Hongyi Fan, Elias Tsigaridas, Ahmad Abdelfattah,
Stanimire Tomov and Benjamin Kimia, “Parallel Path Tracking for Ho-
motopy Continuation using GPU,” submitted to International Symposium
on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC’22), 2022.


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