Template project for CMake + C/C++

This is a small template project to easily setup a CMake based C/C++ project together with googletest and google benchmark

Table of contents


Simply clone the repository and start building.

git clone REPO.git

mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. 

To check your compiler command line calls, simply use make VERBOSE=1.


The requirements to build this project are derived from the build requirements of Googletest 1.11.0 and Benchmark 1.6.1. So just have a look at theirs.

To use the project version information in cmake, the minimum required version is set to 3.10.0. Remove the project version settings if you need a 2.x cmake version.

Project structure

Besides the unittest and benchmark executables no other libraries or executables are defined within the cmake configuration. So adapt the rest according to your requirements.

├── ext/
│    ├── benchmark/       -> submodule containing google benchmark
│    └── googletest/      -> submodule containing googletest/mock
└── test/
    ├── benchmark/
    │   ├── CMakeLists.txt        -> definitions of benchmark executables
    │   └── MyFirstBenchmark.cpp  -> example implementation of a benchmark
    └── unittests/
        ├── CMakeLists.txt        -> definitions of unittest executables
        └── MyFirstTest.cpp       -> example implementation of unittests


Project specific settings can be applied at the CMakeLists.txt file within the top level folder. Change the project name and compiler flags accordingly.

If you’re using clang-format, update or overwrite the .clang-format file also.


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