This is a toy dll which allows you to make CSGO dataset for YOLOv5 network with some simple clicks of button.


  • Visible bounding box
  • Simultaneous generation of image and label



This is what your game will look after injecting this dll(Non-visible entities will not have bbox


This is what your screenshot will look like(It won’t have bounding box)


This is what the corresponding label file will look like(YOLOv5 format, Change id for each class in source code LabelMaker.h)

How to use?

  • Open .sln with Visual studio 2019+

  • Open Config.h and change directory configs

  • **Build the project source into .dll **

  • Launch your csgo game (notice: This dll doesn’t have any sort of VAC bypass so u might wanna start the game in -insecure mode to avoid VAC/Untrusted ban)

  • Start a match(Prefarably a bot match)

  • Inject this .dll with your favorite injector

  • Keybinds
    HOME Takes a screenshot and generates corresponding label in YOLOv5 format(.txt)
    NUMPAD8 Enlarges the bounding box height
    NUMPAD2 Reduces the bouding box height
    INSERT Unloads the dll


  • Non-existing directories won’t be created for you, so you have to manually create them before files’ being saved.

  • This dll crashes the game sometimes when selecting/changing team side.

  • You need to rebuild this dll after changing configs, so a GUI menu might be added for runtime configuration later.

  • If the dll doesn’t work after csgo updates, you need to manually update the offsets in csgo.hpp from https://github.com/frk1/hazedumper



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