Notifly – A simple notification center in pure C++ – NOW ASYNCHRONOUS TOO!

This project was originally forked from which is not maintained anymore.

A C++ API inspired by Cocoa’s NSNotificationCenter API.


Using Notifly is simple. In order to use the default center, simply use the static method notification_center::default_notification_center() like so:

notification_center::default_notification_center().add_observer(1, [=]{printf("Hello world!\n");});

NotificationCenter is intended to be included directly in your projects, as such no library (dynamic or static) is provided.

Supported Compilers

NotificationCenter requires a compiler that supports the following C++17 APIs:


Adding Observers

Adding observers is a simple process. Simply invoke the method notification_center::add_observer on your NotificationCenter passing in a function pointer and integer ID for the notification that this observer should respond to. A couple of examples of how to do this are:

notification_center::default_notification_center().add_observer(MY_NOTIFICATION_ID, [=]{printf("Hello world!\n");});
notification_center::default_notification_center().add_observer(MY_NOTIFICATION_ID, helloWorldFunc);
Foo myFoo;
notification_center::default_notification_center().add_observer(MY_NOTIFICATION_ID, std::bind(&Foo::func, myFoo));

Currently, only std::any(std::any) function signatures are supported.

Posting Notifications

Posting notifications can be done with notification_center::post_notification, like so:


Using the third parameter a_sync, you can set the function to be called inside the same thread or in a separate one. It is set to true by default.

Avoiding Unnecessary Lookups

Notifications can be posted and modified by either integer or iterator:

auto notiItr = notification_center::default_notification_center().get_notification_iterator(MY_NOTIFICATION_ID);
notification_center::default_notification_center().add_observer(notiItr, [=]{printf("I'm being posted by an iterator!\n");});

notification_center::add_observer, notification_center::remove_observer, notification_center::remove_all_observers, and notification_center::post_notification all support notification iterators in overloaded methods.

Multiple NotificationCenters

You can also use more than one instance of NotificationCenter. Although a default notification center is provided, you can also create your own notification centers for whatever purpose you may require them for.

Example Program

The included example program shows you the basics of how to use NotificationCenter. It’s not intended to be sophisticated by any means, just to showcase the basics.


I don’t expect this to work flawlessly for all applications, and thread safety isn’t something that I’ve tested particularly well. If you find issues, feel free to file a bug. If you wish to contribute, simply fork this repository and make a pull request.


Notifly is licensed under the MIT license.


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