Ic Logger

The IcLogger is for people who need a simple logger. Currently for windows and linux only.
This logger is for C++ only.

This repo is under the MIT license, so you can modify this as much as you want and repost the code.

IC_DEBUG_* is for debug builds only while IC_* is for all builds.

To format things you can use the regular printf format options. (e.g. %p for a pointer, %d for numbers, …).

Compiling with g++

IMPORTANT: To compile with g++ on windows you need to change vsprintf_s(msgBuffer, msgLen, fmtBuffer, args); to vsprintf(msgBuffer, fmtBuffer, args);

I didn’t do this myself as clang++ and msvc will complain that vsprintf is depracated on windows.


If you find any issues please report them in the issues tab

IC_Logger on Windows:

github image

IC_Logger on Linux:

github image


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