A simple language that is compiled on runtime!


The syntax is fairly simple, there are 9 keywords; 2 yet to be implemented.


add sub mul div mod var out

Not Implemented

mov cin

A few notes, srings are immutable and numbers are the only thing really supported at this point in time; maybe in the future this will change.


Hi World

var hi_world = "hi world"
out hi_world

The output should just be hi world

Simple addition and subtraction

var add_v = 10
add add_v by 20
out add_v

var sub_v = 20
sub sub_v by 10
out sub_v

The output on this is simply 30 (newline) 10

Looking at this, the language is fairly simple and easy to learn; I will leave a dictionary for keywords and what they mean below.

add – Addition add var by 2 sub – Subtraction sub var by 2 mul – Multiplication mul var by 2 div – Division div var by 2 mod – Modulus mod var by 2 var – Declare Variable var ten = 10 or with strings var hi_world = "hi world" out – Just std::cout or “print” out var_name mov – Moving a variable into another variable, or assigning a new value to an existing variable (no syntax for this yet) cin – Just std::cin cin var_name val (not implemented)


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