A simple C++ syntax parser library.

The project is designed to read the entire directory of a c++ project and return a compilation of the objects in the project.
NOTE: this project is meant to be part of a later project for c++ runtime reflection.


This library includes a custom datatype aptly named datatypes which includes different implementations for each type of object in c++ but all include a toString() function to output the contents.

The parser uses a static function system to read in, process, and output data from a c++ project. While this can be achieved with a single function parseProject(directoryName), each step is available individually under separate functions.

The preprocessor(&vector<string>) function builds a file depency system to act upon preprocessor directives such as #define’s. This function edits the program’s copy of all files. Once all preprocessor directives in the project can be handled, each file can be individually parsed for its data.

parseFile(filename) can be called on a single file to parse each of the objects out of it. It will use a helper function, recursiveParse to fully parse all data.

There are two supported ways to output data for use. The list of objects can be passed directly to the caller as a std::vector<datatypes> or it can be serialized into a txt file to be read later. The current plan to implement this is to overload the parseProject(directory) function later, however there is currently an outputFile() function to later be implemented.


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