Wisznorino/Wisorino – Base86/64 Injectable Menu

A super simple base made by me using Minhook and Imgui that is super easy to follow the code by and is really, really easy to configure to your needs. “Note that configuration can break this project sometimes so be carful changing settings

Info for first timers

  • Please do not inject this into CSGO.EXE without using the properties -insecure which disables VAC entierly, unless you have an undetected injector from someone like KittenPopo
  • Also note that this is C++ cpp, hpp type configuration so have basic knowlage of C++ language which can be learned from thousands of videos on youtube or from other platforms.
  • There is already a built .DLL file ready to be used if you do not know how to compile the project but somehow know how to inject a Dynamic dll into a game? weird but its there incase.

Hack to start with
To begin coding in this type, please try to code Bunnyhop it’s the easiest that you can add within this At least to me with super simple offsets from something like HazeDumper , but if your a Old timer you can pretty much start anywhere.

Suggestion or features?
want me to add more than just this? Excluding cheats or hack additions Please send me these suggestions to issues with the tag Suggestion and i’ll most likely see it and question if i should do it.

I do not take any reposibility to damages ossociated with this base or the usages others may have with it.


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