A robot that can move using its on-board controls or using a wireless controller. It is controlled in terms of cartesian coordinates rather than simply rotating each of the joints. Features a gripper as its end effector. Largely 3D printable requires minimal extra hardware.


  • On-board control and wireless control option.
  • 3 degrees of freedom + gripper.
  • Moves in cartesian coordinate space using inverse kinematics


The Robot A picture of the robot Wireless Controller wireless controller wireless controller exposed CAD model CAD Model

Technical Details

  • driven by an arduino uno board.
  • moves and grips using 4 SG90 servos.
  • geared 1:2 to increase torque
  • limited to 90 degrees movement per joint due to servos and gearing
  • Uses nRF24L01 module for wireless control

Libraries Used

  • Wireless communication – RF24


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