This is a repository for project 5 in FYS4150 (Computational Physics) at the University of Oslo. The goal of this project is to simulate the two-dimensional time-dependent Schrödinger equation. We are looking at one particle being shot towards a wall with slits, better known as the “double slit experiment”, or variations thereof. One can also simulate without a wall by swithicng the wall “off”.

To run the simulation you need to run the main.cpp file, give the name of the input file and the name you want the output file to have. Each row of the output file will be the state of the system at that given timestep, all even entries being the real part and every odd entry being the imaginary part (starting from 0). The second to last entry is the time for that row, and the last entry is how much the probability differ from 1.

The repository has four parts. One folder C++ files, containing all the necessary code for running the simulation. One folder for all python plot files, containing the file with all “normal” plot codes and some calculations, and which is the code for running the animation. One folder containing all input files needed for this assignment. And finally one folder containing all the plots.

C++ code

The C++ source folder contains four files. A main.cpp for doing the simulation and writing the results to a .txt file. A header file, Schrodinger.hpp showing and explaining all functions used for this assignment. A Schrodinger.cpp file defining all the functions explained in the header file. And finally, a Makefile which makes it easy to run the code.

To run the code just type run All inn the terminal and give the input file and output file name you wish to use.

Input files

For the code to run properly you need to give it an input file on the right form. The input file need to be on the same form as the examples given in the folder Input files. To simulate with other variables just change the numbers. The entry “wall” takes string arguments, either “on” or “off”, “nr_slits” takes an interger value between 1 and 3 (If wall is “off” then it does not matter what this value is). All other entries takes doubles.


To obtain the plots in the folder Plot results simply run the main.cpp program with all the input files in the Input files folder and name the output files the same just without “_input”, and then run the file. Note that running might take a while because of the large .txt files.

If you want to animate the results just run the file. Just change the name of the file used in the code and it will simulate the results.

Simulation of a system with 2 slits:


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