the phoenix project

pipeline status

The phoenix project aims to re-implement the ZenGin made by Piranha Bytes for their early-2000s games Gothic and Gothic II. It is heavily based on ZenLib which is used as a reference implementation for the different file formats used.

File formats currently supported are:

  • .VDF container for a file/directory structure similar to tar
  • .MAN basic model animations
  • .FNT font UV mappings
  • .MRM basic static mesh with attached materials
  • OU.BIN/OU.CSL/OU.DAT/OU.LSC speech/dialog text to sound mappings
  • .DAT compiled daedalus script
  • .TEX textures
  • .ZEN world meshes, BSP trees and the world’s VOB (entity or object) tree
  • .MSH basic mesh
  • .MMB “morph mesh” which wraps a static mesh (MRM)
  • .MDH “model hierarchy”
  • .MDM “model mesh” / “soft skin mesh”
  • .MDL combined MDH and MDM

File formats currently NOT supported:

  • .MDS/.MSB “model script” files containing mesh/animation components, transitions and sound effects


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