NucKage is a simulation of nuclear reaction kinematics, with an interest towards simulating multiple reaction chains (i.e. a production reaction and then subsequent decays). Inspired by the work of one Nicolas Cage, this simulation aims to have a broad range (of applications) while still bringing (computing) performance.

“Got my first chemistry set when I was seven, blew my eyebrows off, we never saw the cat again, been into it ever since.” Nicolas Cage, The Rock


Simply clone the repository using git clone NucKage uses the premake5 build system. Download and install premake, and then generate the NucKage build files for your system (MacOS, Linux, Windows) using premake. NucKage has one external dependence, CERN’s ROOT. Since ROOT does not by default suport premake5 as a build system, the ROOT include directories and library directories must be manually entered into the NucKage premake5.lua file. Your ROOT directories can be found using the root-config script in MacOS and Linux. A typical Linux process might look like

  • git clone
  • cd NucKage
  • premake5 gmake2
  • make -j 4


NucKage expects to be run from the top level directory of the repository (as ./bin/NucKage <config>). Currently NucKage accepts a single argument as the configuration file to be used. Configurations are currently written by hand, however a UI is planned to be developed to generate config files.


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