OvenMit Synthesizer

kenakofer’s first ever synthesizer! Coming initially out of BMusic’s excellent tutoral series for lv2 synthesizers, the developer decided to explore a bit. Since they didn’t copy any particular features or techniques from the other open source synths out there, this is probably bad in some unforseen ways.

The existing featureset of this LV2 additive synthesizer include:

  • 2 oscillators, with 5 shapes: sin, triangle, square, saw, and (band-limited) noise
  • 2 ADSR envelopes, which can target the oscillator levels or frequency cutoffs
  • The low/high pass cutoff for Osc 1 adjusts levels of individual partials
  • Resonance height and width also adjust individual partials
  • All waveforms/cutoff/resonance/noise samples are cached, so DSP stays low
  • Osc 2 adds by default, or it can target the 1st with FM or AM or cutoff adjustments.
  • Polyphonic mode: Play all 128 keys if you want!
  • Monophonic mode: optional portamento, auto portamento, and legato modes in any combination.
  • No GUI except for the basic LV2 sliders/dropdowns right now.

Things that are in-progress or coming soon, in approx. priority order:

  • Unity Audio Plugin integration
  • Add cutoff key tracking optional
  • Beat tracking
  • The noise could be cleaner, both in code and spectrum
  • Add a GUI. In my defense, BMusic’s tutorial’s haven’t discussed that topic yet as of this writing


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