ESP8266 gateway: MQTT to 433mz

Minimalistic MQTT to 433mz remote socket gateway for ESP8266

A robust and minimalistic mqtt to 433mhz gateway for the esp8266. Enables cheap wireless sockets from the DIY store to be controlled via the MQTT home automation server. This project follows a minimalist approach, designed solely for reliability and easy Node-RED integration.

Soldering like a boss



  • Download 433mhz_mqtt_gateway.ino
  • Set wifi settings (ssid and passsword)
  • Set mqtt settings (mqttServer, mqttPort, mqttUser, mqttPassword)
  • Deploy to your esp8266

Node-RED integration

  • Install the default mqtt node
  • Create a function containing nodered_function.js: Node-RED Integration Example

Background information

  • 433mhz sender is expected to be on pin 12 of the esp8266 but can be changed by changing “TRANSMIT_PIN”
  • main loop has to finish every cycle in 10 seconds or the watchdog restarts the device
  • if wifi reconnect fails 5 times in a row, the revice restarts

Further Improvements (maybe… maybe not):

  • MQTT over TLS ( + verify certificate fingerprint )
  • port project to esp32 and use firmware encryption to protect the passwords
  • publish sensor values (dht22?) to mqtt


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