This is a very simple wrapper around Capstone.
Capstone is a library that disassembles binary data in to assembly code. This
library, Hatstone, offers a Ruby interface to the Capstone library.

Why a new library?

Crabstone is a different wrapper for Capstone.
I’ve been using Crabstone for quite a while and I really love it. However,
I’ve been running in to problems with libffi, and especially problems on my M1
Mac where I have both the ARM64 installation and x86 installation of Capstone
on the same system (via two installations of Homebrew).

This C extension finds the right Capstone library at gem installation time, so
you can be assured that if you can install this gem, you can use this gem (hopefully!!)


Make sure you have Capstone installed. On macOS this is brew install capstone.
Then install this gem via the normal method gem install hatstone.

Example Usage

In this example we’ll assemble some simple ARM64 instructions and then use
Hatstone to disassemble them.

require "hatstone"

# ARM64 movz instruction
def movz reg, imm
  insn = 0b0_10_100101_00_0000000000000000_00000
  insn |= (1 << 31)  # 64 bit
  insn |= (imm << 5) # immediate
  insn |= reg        # reg

# ARM64 ret instruction
def ret xn = 30
  insn = 0b1101011_0_0_10_11111_0000_0_0_00000_00000
  insn |= (xn << 5)

# Assemble some instructions
insns = [
  movz(0, 0x2a), # mov X0, 0x2a
  ret            # ret

# Now disassemble the instructions with Hatstone
hs = Hatstone.new(Hatstone::ARCH_ARM64, Hatstone::MODE_ARM)

hs.disasm(insns, 0x0).each do |insn|
  puts "%#05x %s %s" % [insn.address, insn.mnemonic, insn.op_str]


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