A midi controller that aims to function like an omnichord

What you need:

  • Sparkfun Pro Micro (clone) (Arduino Leonardo is a good alternative)
  • MPR-121 capacitive touch module
  • 12 button switches
  • 12 2.2k resistors
  • 1 100k resistor
  • copper tape (or maybe come up with something else to get those electrodes going)
  • wire

Update: June 13 2022:Reddit User forshee9283 was very kind to come up with a small PCB Design that you can use instead of copper tape.I put the RevA PCB files in this github but they are also on his github repo: https://github.com/forshee9283/Strum.

I ordered 10 of these today and will post updates when the boards are here.


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