In this project, I implemented the Gaussian elimination algortihm with partial pivoting togetger with backwards substitution to solve system like Ax=b
where A is an nxn square matrix.

The program has two command line arguments for the parameters:

  • The first argument is the name of the file we read the A matrix from.
  • The second argument is the name of the file we read the b vector from.

Each line represents a row.

The program prints out an error message and quits if it detecs that A is singular, in this code the singularity condition for general nxn matrices is decided so that if a pivot is smallar than a predetermined number, the matrix is considered singular. On the other hand, the program also prints out the condition numbers of 2×2 matrices, consequently another singularity metric for such matrices is having high condition numbers.

The content of the x vector is saved in a txt file named “x.txt”


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