This is a string template engine for gdscript.

Provides access to (some of) Inja‘s features.

This is a GdExtension addon for Godot 4.


  • Generate tailored, efficient shaders.
  • Generate dialogues, messages, and roleplays.


var tpl = "Hello, {{ name }} !"
var engine =
var msg = engine.render(tpl, {
    'name': "Nathanaël",


This is a very simple example, but you may use loops, conditions, etc. See Inja’s documentation for the available features.

Current Limitations

  • No plans for Windows or Mac, either feed me or help out.
  • Rough user-defined functions. (Strings only, awkward API that will probably change)
  • Limited to Inja capabilities. Eg: Inja offers no filters.
  • include and extend might not work in exported projects (to check)
  • Error when fetching callback Object from its RID: (but it works)

ERROR: Condition "_instance_bindings != nullptr" is true.
   at: set_instance_binding (core/object/object.cpp:1771)

Can’t figure out if it’s our fault or not, for this one.


  • Linux x86_64
  • Linux x86_32
  • Windows x86_64
  • Windows x86_32
  • Mac x86_64
  • Mac x86_32


The installation is as usual, through the Assets Library. (todo) You can also simply copy the addons/ directory of this project into yours, it should work.

Nope, you need to build the shared libs first. Should we add those to git?

Then, enable the plugin in Scene > Project Settings > Plugins.

Setup Dev Notes

Use homebuilt Godot 4 from master, not alpha9.



git submodule add -b 4.x gdextension_generator/godot-cpp

Pragma ’til the 4.x branch exists:

git submodule add gdextension_generator/godot-cpp

Remember to init the submodules!


The first step is always to compile the godot-cpp library:

cd gdextension_generator/godot-cpp
scons target=debug

Then we can compile our shared library:

cd gdextension_generator
scons target=debug

It outputs in the addons/goutte.template.inja/bin/ directory.


The demo uses a symlink to get as child its sibling addons/ directory. Does not hold through git, beware. Just remake the symlink, for now.


Inja has been copied from 3.3, and the #include of json have been changed to use the local file: #include "json.hpp". Both are warts, and enlightened suggestions are welcome.


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