Godot Roguelike Map System (RGMap)

A library for managing maps for roguelike games in Godot Engine. It helps with map generation, storing map data, and using pathfinding, raycasting, and FOV


  • FOV calculation using RPAS algorithm
  • Raycasting using Bresenham’s lines
  • Pathfinding using Godot built-in A* class
  • Memorizing cells that have been visible at least once
  • Draw and fill functions for drawing primitives (lines, ellipse, rects, circles, arcs)
  • Custom RGTileset class to store data about all tiles in a game
  • Merging maps. Placing one RGMap inside the other map
  • Saving and loading data as a flat array
  • C++, GDNative


To make managing maps for roguelikes easier by uniting all useful functions and properties in one class.


There are some new classes inherited from Reference:


A class for storing data about tiles. A proper RGTileset object should be created before creating a new map, as it stores all necessary data about tiles used in-game.

Should be created like this:

var tileset = RGTileset.new()
# Add tiles:
# tileset.add_tile("core.game.ground", "Ground", true, true)
# Note: First 2 strings are 'name' and 'display name'. Other 2 booleans are 'passability' and 'transparency'

It is strongly advised to store information about all your tiles in some database (e.g. JSON) and add tiles to RGTileset like this:

var file = File.new()
file.open("res://db.json", File.READ)
var txt = file.get_as_text()
var json = parse_json(txt)
for tile_name in json["tiles"].keys():
    var data = json["tiles"][tile_name]
    tileset.add_tile(tile_name, data["name"], data["passable"], data["transparent"])

Here you can find all functions available inside in RGTileset:



A class for managing map. Use it for editing maps, calculating for, pathfinding, etc.

Should be initialized before usage like this:

var map = RGMap.new()
map.size = Vector2(100,100)
map.initialize(tileset) # RGTileset object created earlier

You can read more about each function and variable available in RGMap here:



You will need: C++ compiler and SCons installed in your system

  1. Generate and compile bindings:

cd godot-cpp
scons platform=<platform> generate_bindings=yes
cd ..
  1. Compile project

mkdir bin
scons platform=<platform>
  1. Copy everything from /bin directory to your godot project
  2. Create new NativeScript and GDNativeLibrary. Link it to binaries you have copied from /bin directory

See more about using GDNative modules here: https://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/tutorials/scripting/gdnative/gdnative_cpp_example.html


You can find a short example of usage in demo-project directory


  • Create demo project
  • Add gifs and images to README
  • Cutting and resizing map
  • Automatic generation of 2D Tileset and Tilemap based on RGTileset
  • Better error handling


The code for some parts of this projects was inspired by/copied from these resources:


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information


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