A Geochemical Reactive Transport Solver for Acidizing: Coupling OpenFOAM and Reaktoro.

How To Use

The ReaktoFOAM simulator consists of two OpenFOAM solvers: “LEAFOAM” and “PLEAFOAM” that solve the reactive transport problem using Local Equilibrium Approach and Partial Local Equilibrium Approach, respectively. To use the solvers, it is necessary to first install OpenFOAM:

And its plugin, swak4Foam:

Then, the Reaktoro library should be installed:

After installing the Reaktoro library, it should be linked against the LEAFOAM/PLEAFOAM solver. For doing this, the user should include the ‘include’ and ‘lib’ directories and modify the ‘option’ files in the ‘Make’ directory of the solvers, accordingly:

Please note that the PLEAFOAM solver considers the reaction rates. As a result, additional headers to describe the rates are found in the PLEAFOAM folder. (‘ReactionRateFunctions.H’ and ‘reactions.H’).

Should you have any question, please contact the developer: [email protected]


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