Wicked Engine – Demo

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A fully-fledged game made using Wicked Engine in order to battle-test features, mature the engine, and expand the community.

This repository contains submodules in the Library/ directory, you might want to clone those! It’s also worth noting that this repository uses the Git LFS extension.

➜ git clone https://github.com/MolassesLover/WickedEngine-Demo.git --recursive
➜ cd WickedEngine-Demo
➜ git submodule update Library/WickedEngine

Artwork by @Megumumpkin


In order to build this project you will need a few pieces of software on your system. Depending on your operating system and its distribution, some of these dependencies might already be met. In any case, dependencies are fairly minimal.

Here is a full list of dependencies:


First things first, make sure you have a fully-built version of Wicked Engine somewhere on your system. It’s also worth mentioning that it should be compiled using CMake.

This project also uses CMake, so do make sure that dependency is met.


Replace /path/to/wicked/build_folder/ with your Wicked Engine build/ directory.

➜ cmake -B Build -DWickedEngine_DIR=/path/to/wicked/build_folder/cmake .
➜ cmake --build Build -j$(nproc)


You can run the Build.sh script in order to build both Wicked Engine and this demo project. Just make sure you have the Wicked Engine submodule in the root directory of this repository. Otherwise, you can clone it with this command:

➜ git submodule update --init Library/WickedEngine


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