This project provides a framework for automating the SM64 TAS workflow. Very much a WIP at this time.

Building instructions

This project is built using CMake. On the CLI:

cmake ..
cmake --build .

If you’re using Visual Studio, open the root directory as a local folder. This enables VS’s CMake integration. More detailed instructions can be found here

Configuration system

Written by @jgcodes2020

The configuration system uses a JSON file, and enables easy configuration of mostly non-changing parameters. When built with a build type other than Debug, the built executable always takes a config file as its first argument. When built for Debug, it will default to reading a file named config.json placed in the same directory as itself.

The current schema is as follows:

	"libsm64": "Full path to libsm64",
	"m64_file": "Full path to .m64 file being used"


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