Linux based File Explorer

A file explorer for linux systems that runs on terminal


1. Platform: Linux

2. Software Requirement:

  • G++ compiler
    • To install G++ : sudo apt-get install g++

Steps to run the project

  • Open your terminal with present working directory as the project folder. Then run the this command.
    g++ -o main main.cpp
  • Then enter this command to start application,


  • Default mode is Normal mode and press : to switch to Command mode.
  • Press ESC key to go back to normal mode from command mode.
  • Press q key from normal mode/command mode to exit from program.
  • In Normal Mode, assumed the max window size as 6.
  • In Command mode, to edit the command use backspace only.
  • Preferable to open terminal in full size. if one record spans over more than one line then navigation won’t work correctly.
  • if Enter is pressed on text files and it will be opened in vi editor.
  • In command mode paths are 3 types
  • one is ~/dir1/dir2 , it means you are entering path which is relative to your home directory.
  • another one is /dir1/dir2 , it means it is from root
  • another one is dir1/dir2 , it means you are entering path which is relative to your current working directory.


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