Euclid-O-Matic Euclidean Sequencer

Sun Apr 3 15:01:35 CEST 2022

This project is based on a project called ‘Euclidean Rhythm Generator Kosmo/Eurorack’ published by L J Brackney, (Suncoast Polytechnical High School) dated 11/21/2021. It saw it on and liked it so much that I decide to make my own version of the module, While doing so I changed the hardware and the software (quite) a bit. Work on this started in January 2022.

Amongst others I added support for

  • external clock in and clock out,
  • 4 function CV inputs,
  • variable pattern length.

Furthermore, I

  • changed all channel dependent variables into arrays,
  • used capitals for constants, camel case for variables and function calls,
  • Added storing, recalling and clearing of patches in EEPROM (the channel and pattern chosen last will be recalled on startup).

In this implementation setting the speed depends on pressing the tap tempo button while turning the rotary encoder.


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