Arduino Spot Welder Control

This is still a work in progress

This is my version of a DIY spot welder. I have included the PCB Gerber files, BOM (build of materials) for eletrical componants and Arduino code.

Gerber (PCB Files)

Gerber files for PCB manufactor can be found in the Gerber folder.

  • Pick the newest revison
  • Visit
  • Sign In or Register
  • Click ‘Order Now’
  • Click ‘Add Gerber File’
  • Select the Gerber .zip file
  • Select build options. (I recomend leave defaults, but change qty, color and select ‘Specify a location’ under ‘Remove Order Numer’ option. Also make sure both ‘SMT Assembly’ and ‘Stencil’ options are off as they are not needed for this.)
  • Once your happy with your selection, place order and pay.
  • Wait for PCB’s to arrive

BOM (Build of Materials)

Build of materials can be found the BOM folder. Most of the PCB componants can be found in a .csv file, the rest you will need to source yourself from the .txt file. I would recomend places like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.

  • Find the .csv that matches the same revison as the Gerber file.
  • Next visit
  • Sign In or Register
  • Click on the ‘BOM Tool’ option.
  • Now upload the .csv file.


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