A cross-interface mesh network for ESP32 microcontrollers.

Currently, in a very raw state, barely supports:

  • Broadcasts
  • Unicasts
  • Route discovery
  • Stream fragmentation/defragmentation
  • Packet retransmission

Needs to be done:

  • Insecure interface support
  • Multi-MTU support
  • Combination of both secure and insecure interfaces on the same device
  • Removing devices and fixing routes
  • Encryption (only authentication is implemented now)

Task tracking is done via todo/fixme comments in the code.

For more details about the protocol, check mesh_protocol.h.

Usage (C++)

#include "mesh_controller.h"
#include "interfaces/wifi_esp_now_interface.h"

// lambda + std::function WIP
void packet_handler(MeshProtocol::far_addr_t src_addr, const ubyte* data, uint size, void* userdata) {
    printf("Hello packet!\n");
    // sending response. builders are used to send large amount of data using many small chunks
    const char response_data[] = "hello!";
    MeshStreamBuilder builder((MeshController*) userdata, src_addr, sizeof(response_data));
    builder.write(response_data, sizeof(response_data));

void app_main() {
    // it's better to not create interfaces and controller on stack because they can take up much memory
    auto wifi_interface = new WifiEspNowMeshInterface();
    auto controller = new MeshController("network name", wifi_interface->derive_far_addr_uint32());
    controller->user_stream_handler_userdata = controller; // will be passed to packet_handler()
    controller->user_stream_handler = packet_handler;
    controller->set_psk_password("network pass"); // make sure to call this before any .add_interface()


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