This is a competitive programming team from Green University of Bangladesh. CSE Batch – 221(Spring)

Repository Structure

  • Root of the repository you can see many directories like books, beginners, mathematics, strings, graphs etc.
  • Each of these directories have 3 sub directories. easy, medium and hard.
  • Inside each directory you will find a directory which represents the problem name
  • Inside the problem directory you will find a file where we will instruct you how to solve the problem. Steps for solving the problem.
  • And this same directory you will find a lot of files. Where every competitive programmers submitted their code.
  • Others directories like medium and hard is 100% same as easy directory structure.


  • We will provide a task per day.

  • You need to submit your task within 24 hours.

  • If you are inactive for 3 days then you will be disqualified for some days.

  • If you can’t solve the task then try again and again.

  • If you failed a lot of time then open the problems directory and see how other members solved this.

  • After all of those process if you can’t understand the steps then we will arrange a google meet.

  • Whenever you upload a file you need to follow this structure

    • <last 3 digits of your student id>.<your github username>.<probelm name using camel case format with file extension>
    • 063.mdmarufsarker.helloWorld.cpp

Our Contributors


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