BPR Tools

A collection of tools for Burnout Paradise Remastered to aid with reverse engineering.

Proxy Server

A tool that sends an unencrypted network traffic to a local proxy server, so you can analyze it in Wireshark.


Start the Server.py script. It will create a local proxy server. Inject the Client.dll into the game. It will automatically connect to the local server and start forwarding the traffic.


  • recv port: 11111
  • send port: 22222

Game Events

A tool that monitors the game events and sends them to a local server for analysis.


Start the Anlyzer.py script. It will create a local server where the data will be send to. Inject the Dispatcher.dll into the game. It will send all the data to the server.


  • port: 33333
  • Analyzer.py is automatically reloaded at runtime, so you can update it and see the results immediatelly.


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