SW-32, a collection of MK-312 style drivers


This project aims to bring the hardware of e-stim/EMS/TENS to an easy-to-use module. Think: Sparkfun, Adafruit, etc.

The device tries to mimic the output stage of the well-known Erostec ET312 or better, the DIY reverse engineered MK-312.
Hopefully by recreating this output stage, the same e-stim experience can be achieved as those devices.

Its been designed with the ESP-32 microcontroller in mind (hence SW-32), but should work with others.


The project is split into multiple sub-projects all based around the easy-to-use module (SW-3211M)

  • SW-3211M – The easy-to-use module board. This could be considered the core project.

Currently the only design available is the SW-3211M; a single channel module board. I plan on creating other boards in the future such as a dual/quad channel boards with an integrated ESP-32.

More detailed information about each sub-project can be found in the project specific READMEs.


Project status about hardware can be found in the project specific READMEs.


The design of the module board (SW-3211M) was based on the design by WendyTeslaburger/WT-312.


All hardware design, software, images and documentation are licensed under the Creative Commons license.


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