Wordle DS

A clone of Wordle for the Nintendo DS(i). Unless the NY Times changes the word list, this will have the same word each day as the official Wordle. A sharable text file will be made as WordleDS.txt on completion.


Follow devkitPro’s Getting Started guide to install libnds, devkitARM, and grit, then simply run make.


The word lists are defined in words.cpp. Any ASCII wordlist should work fine, however adapting to other languages would require a bit of tweaking to the graphics and letter handling.

The maximum guesses and word length are both defined in gfx.hpp. The starting date is defined in words.hpp.

All graphics are in gfx and should mostly work fine if the PNGs are edited. A couple have hardcoded palette or map tweaks at runtime so they may glitch out of edited. The more complex images also have their GIMP files in resources, the font used is nintendo_NTLG-DB_001. The fonts (used only for numbers) are in data and can be edited using an NFTR editor.



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