This is a calculator program based on Qt visualization. The main functions are as follows: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, trigonometric functions, square root, square, remainder, logarithmic calculation, reciprocal calculation, factorial calculation, inverse number calculation, pi and natural base e, all clear operation, backspace operation, clear digital register operation, etc.


  1. Operation System: Win7
  2. Development Platform: Qt-5.15.1


The part of this system that involves the internal computing function of the calculator defines the following categories: Calculator, Operator, Factory, Node and Stack.

  • Calculator

class Calculator{ 
	Stack<double> m_num; // 数字栈 
	Stack<shared_ptr<Operator>> m_opr; // 运算符栈 
  • Operator

class Operator { 
	Operator(string c, int numOprd, int pre) :m_symbol(c), m_numOprand(numOprd), m_precedence(pre) {} 
	string symbol() const { return m_symbol; } 
	int numOprand() const { return m_numOprand; } 
	int precedence() const { return m_precedence; } 
	virtual double get(double a, double b) const = 0; 
	virtual ~Operator() {} 
	const string m_symbol; // 运算符符号 
	const int m_numOprand; // 运算符目数 
	const int m_precedence; };
  • Factory

#define REGISTRAR(T, Key)	Factory::RegisterClass<T> reg_##T(Key);
class Factory {
	template<typename T>
	struct RegisterClass {
		RegisterClass(string opr) {
				Factory::ms_operator.emplace(opr, [] {return make_shared<T>(); });
	static shared_ptr<Operator> create(string opr); 
	static map<string, function<shared_ptr<Operator>()>> ms_operator;
  • Node

template<typename T> 
class Node { 
	friend class Stack<T>; 
	T m_value; 
	Node* m_next = nullptr; 
	Node() = default; // 默认构造函数 
	Node(const Node& rhs) = delete; // 禁用拷贝构造函数 
	Node& operator =(const Node& rhs) = delete; 
	Node(const T& val) :m_value(val) {} // 含参构造函数 
	Node(T&& val) :m_value(std::move(val)) { } // 含参移动构造函数 
	const T& value() const { return m_value; } 
	Node* next() { return m_next; }
  • Stack

template<typename T> 
class Stack { 
	Node<T>* m_top = nullptr; 
	Stack() = default; 
	Stack(const Stack&) = delete; 
	Stack& operator=(const Stack&) = delete; 
	~Stack(); void clear(); 
	void push(const T& val); 
	void push(T&& val); \
	void pop(); 
	bool empty()const ; 
	const T& top() ;



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