Async runtime library

C/C++ CI

AR – it is a C++ library for efficient execution asynchronous tasks, io network operations and parallel heterogeneous computing.

Threads & coroutines & scheduler

Runtime uses efficient work-stealing scheduler to optimize your multithreaded performance and trying to reduce CPU IO wait. Used asymmetric coroutines based on context switcher implemented in Boost.Context.

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Build instructions

To build you will need:

  • cmake >= 3.12.4
  • gcc >= 4.6
  • boost >= 1.70.0
  • doxygen >= 1.9.3

mkdir build
cd cmake ..
make install

CMake option:

Option Description Default
WITH_TRACE build with trace profiler OFF
WITH_TESTS build with unittests OFF
WITH_EXAMPLES build with samples ON
WITH_DOCS build with docs OFF


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