Thanks For CloudViewer, we use the UI of it, which really save my time. The Initial Idea was to fix some known issue of CloudViewer, But I found that the data structure && code design is a disaster,It is really sucks. So I decided to refactor the code to make a retrofit.


The 3DViewer is a standalone, tiny, cross-platform point cloud visualization desktop software powered by PCL and Qt.


If you want to visualize a 3d model which woule like to be pointcloud or mesh. Then u cloud use the 3DViewer, which designed for light usage for 3D Researchers, The most useful function for me is visualize multiple 3D models in different render window. This makes it easier to compare effects of our deep learning model.

We support various model format:

  • ply
  • pcd
  • stl
  • vtk
  • obj


For Linux: version: 0.0.1

For Windows: (is comming)

For Mac: (is comming)


  • Linux:

    • install the qt5.15
    • compile && install vtk 9.1
    • compile && install pcl 1.12.1
    • mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make -j4 && ./src/3DViewer
  • Windows:

    • I believe that no one wants to use windows, If U are using it now, just wait until the day 3DViewer would compile on it.



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Feel free to dive in! open an issue or submit PRs.

3DViewer follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.


MIT © Yunyi Pan


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