2D Particle Collision Simulation

This is just a fun project exploring the physics simulations.

A limited capability 2D particle collision simulator.
Modeling of particle collisions in a 2D space under the following assumptions:

  • Perfectly Elastic Collisions
  • The box has infinite mass
  • Particles have no acceleration

Current limitations

  • The number of particles have to be kept <= 20 to keep the simulation smooth,
    since the current collision checking is a brute force method and takes O(n^2) time.
  • Only round particles has been modeled as other geometries are complex to model.
  • Annealing is not accounted for , sometimes the particles are able to escape the box between 2 update steps, so be it.


  1. Box

    • Models the box which contains the particles.
  2. BaseParticle

    • Models the basic properties of particle
  3. CircleParticle

    • Derived from BaseParticle , models a round particle
  4. ParticleGenerator

    • Generates the values for a creating a particle with random position, velocity , mass and color.
  5. ParticleDynamics

    • Models the collision dynamics of the particles in a 2D space.
  6. Renderer

    • Generates the visual output of the collision using OpenCV .
  7. Simulator

    • Handles the creation of simulation entities and manages the simulation loop


  1. Eigen apt install libeigen3-dev
  2. OpenCV apt install libopencv-dev

Building and Running

cd ParticleSimulator
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

# running 



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